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Cyber Monday Deal – Up to 90% OFF on Selected Services

Cyber Monday Super Sale – Up to 90% Off |

From November 28 thru December 5th you can purchase new Virtual Cloud Servers and our most popular add-ons with up to 90% OFF.

Applicable Services:

➔ Virtual Cloud Servers (Store > Create-a-Cloud)
➔ Enterprise Backup Service (Store > Backup and Disk Services)
➔ Basic Backup Service (Store > Backup and Disk Services)
➔ Uptime Monitoring with First Responder (Store > Uptime Monitoring)
➔ Priority Support (Store > Other > Priority Support)

Comparison between Virtual Cloud and PaaS Platforms

We are sometimes asked about the differences between our Virtual Cloud Server (VCS) and our Platform as a Service (PaaS) platforms. Here are some key similarities, and (…)

PHP 7 is Available for Virtual Cloud Servers and PaaS!

PHP 7 is a major upgrade, offering dramatic performance improvements within a much smaller RAM footprint. This new version of PHP is available in our Virtual Cloud Servers running CentOS 6 or CentOS 7 with ISPmanager & our PaaS service (…) |

Liferay Portal 6.2.5 GA 6 (with Tomcat) Now Available

Liferay Portal 6.2.5 GA 6 (with Tomcat) is now available to customers using eApps Virtual Cloud Servers with CentOS 7 (ISPmanager) or CentOS 6 (ISPmanager). For assistance and questions contact (…)

WildFly 9.0.2 Now Available |

WildFly 9.0.2 is available to customers using eApps Virtual Cloud Servers with CentOS 7 (ISPmanager) or CentOS 6 (ISPmanager). For assistance and questions contact

50% OFF for 3 Months on New Virtual Cloud Servers

From now until November 30 get a 50% DISCOUNT for 3 Months of hosting on new Virtual Cloud Servers. To order a Virtual Cloud Server (…)

Plesk 12 Now Available on Virtual Cloud Servers

The designers of Plesk 12, by Parallels, set out to make the most powerful, most secure, and easiest to use control panel in the industry. Upon close inspection of this popular control panel you might conclude that they achieved their goal. We are extremely impressed with the power and (…)

eApps Hosting Now offers ISPmanager 5 Control Panel, by ISPsystem

eApps Hosting now offers version 5 of ISPmanager 5 Lite, the popular control panel by ISPsystems, as a free option in new Virtual Cloud Servers. A private instance of the control panel will be provisioned (…)

New, Improved Create-a-Cloud®

We recently launched an updated version of our Create-a-Cloud® tool and related server management functions in the Customer Portal. In the Create-a-Cloud® tool (…)

eApps Launches Enhanced Cloud Hosting Service

eApps Hosting announced a major update to their Cloud hosting service. The company’s Create-a-Cloud® tool, used to create custom 64 or 32 bit Xen based Linux and Windows Virtual Servers, is now easier to use, offers lower prices for resources, includes 4 terabytes of free data transfer, and has numerous server administration enhancements. The improved service still provides easy access to popular applications, backed by a 24/7 in-house technical support team dedicated to helping customers achieve success with the hosting service.

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