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Uptime Monitors are now FREE!


Uptime Monitors are now FREE!

eApps is pleased to announce that Uptime Monitors are now free of charge for all Virtual Cloud Servers and Platform as a Service environments!

Uptime Monitors check on the availability of servers from three remote locations. They are administered in the eApps Portal and can be set up to check on the server through any port or protocol. There is also a web page monitor for checking the availability of a web page. With web page monitoring customers can specify an optional text string which the monitor will search for on the web page. This text string can be a return code from a database call, for example, to add another level of sophistication to the monitor.

Monitor Alerts can be sent to any user defined email address or mail group. The optional First Responder add-on, at only $5 per month per server, directs the alerts to eApps Support. When a First Responder alert is received, eApps technicians respond by performing user defined instructions. This option ensures that highly skilled technicians, who are standing by 24 hours a day, will take action within minutes if your monitor issues an alert.

The eApps Uptime Monitor service, along with the free, included Resource Monitoring service, provide a lot of value to eApps customers and helps eApps staff provide the highest level of service. And more is yet to come! eApps has a project underway to improve the features and administration of these monitoring services in the eApps Portal. Stay tuned!


1. From or your eApps Portal >> click Store >> Uptime Monitoring
2. Under “Configuration Options” enter the number of monitors you want to add
3. Optionally you can add the First Responder Option for any of your servers
4. Complete the order and Checkout
5. To configure the monitors go to your eApps Portal >> My Cloud >> Uptime Monitoring
6. Click the green “New Monitor” button and follow the instructions

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us at for sales inquires and for technical assistance.

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