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Two new user guides (Git and SVN) and one updated user guide (SSH) are now available

The ISPmanager VM user guides for Git and Subversion are now available.
Both user guides explain how to install and configure the applications
on the Virtual Machine, and both user guides contain a Quick Start
section that covers a basic workflow for using version control. The
Quick Start sections cover both command line (Mac OS X/Linux/UNIX) and
Windows (TortoiseSVN for SVN and Git Gui for Git).

SVN User Guide –
Git User Guide –

Additionally, the SSH User Guide for the ISPmanager VMs has been updated
to include information about how to use SSH keys. The updated section
explains how to create an SSH key pair from both the command line (Mac
OS X/Linux/UNIX) and from Windows using PuTTY/Puttygen, and how to use
the SSH keys to connect to the VM, including how to use PuTTY/Pagent on

SSH User Guide – (the updated
section is at the end of the user guide)

To take advantage of this new User Guide, you will need to have a VM in the Cloud service with ISPmanager Control Panel. If you have a VPS hosting plan and are interested in moving to the new VM in the Cloud environment, please review our FAQ for existing VPS customers.

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