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Advanced Monitoring now available!

Advanced Monitoring now available!




with optional First Responder, Team eApps is on call 24/7

Advanced Monitoring is a new service from eApps designed to check any port/service or URL of any of your servers. Monitors are only $1 per month per monitor, with discounts for longer terms. When combined with our free, included Resource Monitoring, eApps customers now have comprehensive monitoring of the health and availability of their hosted servers. The service includes the following features:
Use with eApps server or External servers – Monitors are not restricted to eApps hosted servers. The service, which is configured in the customer Portal, can be used for any server. A list of common ports/services is provided with the ability to specify a custom port. The service also allows for monitoring of a URL. The URL monitor will read the page from the URL and check for a user defined text string. A common approach is to use a text string retrieved from a database. This way, if either the page does not respond, or if the monitor fails to find the specified text string, the alert notification will be sent.
Alerts  – The service allows you to set up individuals, or groups, that can then be configured as recipients of alerts when a remote monitor check fails.
First Responder Option  – A powerful option for monitors is our First Responder managed service, for only $5 per month. With this option, alerts will be sent to eApps Support in addition to any user defined recipients. The option allows you to specify instructions for eApps staff on how to respond to the alert. First Responder alerts are delivered very quickly to the eApps 24/7 Support staff via a real time feed, to ensure that skilled technicians will take action promptly if your monitor issues an alert. 
Multiple Locations – Availability checks are performed from multiple remote locations in North America and Europe, with more locations to follow.
Response Time Graphs – Included with the service are response time graphs, which provide up to four (4) weeks of history showing the round trip response time from each remote location for each monitor.
Get started with Advanced Monitoring today! 

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