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October 2011 Newsletter

October 2011 Newsletter

In This Issue

New Data Center Location!

Load Balancer Service Available Now!

Article – Latest BlackBerry snafu bodes ill for RIM

Latest Promotions

30 Day Free Trial – McAfee Secure Site Seal

Nearly 1 of 2 shoppers abandon their shopping cart due to security fears!

Give your shoppers the confidence that they are safe, with the industry leading McAfee Secure Site seal. It is not too late to take advantage of the 30 day FREE trial offer. Visit the following link by October 31, 2011 to get started.

McAfee Secure Site Seal 30 Day Trial Offer

Free Load Balancer Setup

For New and Existing Customers – Signup for our new Load Balancer service and get setup assistance for FREE!

Our excellent technical staff will get one Load Balancer configuration up for you at no charge!!!

To take advantage of this offer, visit, choose your resources, and select the OS template called Load Balancer Appliance. A minimum of 1024 MB of RAM is required. After placing your order, email with the Subject “Free Setup for Load Balancer Service.” We will contact you to arrange a time for the assistance.

50% off selected SSL certificates!!!

For All New and Existing Customers – For a limited time, the following new SSL certificate purchases are available at half price!

AlphaSSL Wildcard Certificate – Normally $99, now $49.50!

GlobalSign DomainSSL Certificate – Normally $99, now $49.50!

GlobalSign DomainSSL Wildcard Certificate – Normally $199, now $99.50!

To take advantage of this offer:

VPS – order from Control Panel > Account Tab > Subscriptions > Buy Another Hosting plan and select the SSL. Apply promotion code SSL111050NL on the summary page of the order.

VM in Cloud – Select the SSL from the Store. In the Order Summary on the right, enter the Promotion Code SSL111050NL and press Go.

Promotion Code Use: Promotion codes can only be used at the time of placing the order! The promotions will NOT be applied after the order has been placed. Promotion is only valid for new SSL Certificate Orders and does not apply to SSL Certificate Renewals.

Promotions in this newsletter are valid through November 30, 2011

Tech Tip

Monitor Disk I/O with Dstat

You can use dstat to monitor disk usage. See installation details below.
tar -xvjf dstat-0.7.2.tar.bz2
cd dstat-0.7.2/
make install
USAGE (for Cloud VM):
dstat -s –top-io-adv –top-bio-adv
USAGE (for VPS):
dstat –top-io-adv –top-bio-adv
This will display swap use (for VMs), the top I/O-using process, and the top disk I/O-using process.
For more details on dstat usage see:
For assistance or questions, contact

New Data Center Location!

We are pleased to announce our plans to expand into our second data center, located in Richmond, Virginia. This expansion will allow us to provide Enterprise grade hosting services across geographical locations. We expect our first Cloud Zone in Richmond to be operational in February of 2012. Soon after the launch of the first zone, we will offer additional services, including remote data storage, disaster recovery services, and spanned load balancing across data centers.

The Richmond data center is owned and operated by Quality Technology Services, Inc. (QTS), the third largest data center provider in the USA. With planned capacity of over 700,000 square feet of raised floor, the Richmond data center is a major part of the QTS data center network. QTS is the provider of our existing data center location in Suwanee, Georgia. Our expansion into their Richmond location allows us to leverage the QTS data center network.

If you are interested in learning how eApps’ multiple data center locations can benefit you, please contact

The eApps Cloud – Our Virtual Machine in the Cloud service was launched earlier this year. In addition to our Application Repository, supported 24/7 by in-house technical experts, the VM in the Cloud offering allows customers to choose their resources à la carte. Check out our Create-A-Cloud™ tool!

For more information about the eApps Cloud or the eApps Affiliate program, please contact

Load Balancer Service Available Now!

We now offer a powerful and easy to use Load Balancer service to achieve a High Availability configuration for your mission critical application. The service is reliable and economical. Furthermore it is available now in the eApps Cloud. The following items describe the key features and benefits:

  • VM based – full control of a private VM instance serving as a load balancer
  • HAProxy – proven load balancing software, used by some of the busiest sites in the world, ensures that you have a reliable balancer
  • stunnel – shares your SSL certificate across all application instances
  • heartbeat – allows for automatic failover to a secondary load balancer, in a separate Cloud Zone, for maximum reliability

Our Virtual Machine based approach makes it fast and easy to implement a load balancer. A specialized OS template called Load Balancer Appliance is now available. This template will deploy a single purpose Virtual Machine running the required software to perform all load balancer related functions. Customers can configure the Load Balancer with minimal assistance from eApps technical staff or the eApps professional staff can implement your configuration for a reasonable fee.

A small Load Balancer costs less than $20 per month. The eApps load balancer service is powerful, flexible, and reasonably priced. For more information refer to The service is available now and can be purchased by visiting and choosing the Load Balancer Appliance OS template. For more information contact

Article – Latest BlackBerry snafu bodes ill for RIM

The SmartPhone battleground got bloodier for a major combatant this month as a result of a three day outage of Research in Motion’s BlackBerry network. The outage came at a most inopportune time for RIM as the company struggles to retain market share against rival SmartPhone technologies.

Nearly all of RIM’s 70 million BlackBerry users were impacted by the outage. The official report stated that a “core router” failure occurred, similar to a previous root cause for an outage that occurred when the company had 10 million users. RIM is the only SmartPhone provider that runs a private network to process customer communications. Rumors by those claiming inside knowledge state that RIM elected to duplicate their network configuration to handle the growth in load rather than rebuild the network architecture, and that high volumes of rich media communications over-tax the network.

RIM has been outpaced by Google’s Android, the leading technology and second place Apple which sold 4 million units of its new iPhone 4s in its recent weekend debut. A heavily funded Nokia-Microsoft alliance is taking aim at the market and in due course will push past RIM once their new products are launched and promoted.

The SmartPhone market is the fastest growing, and most innovative, technology sector in the world today. The major vendors are all vying to be in the palm of each SmartPhone user’s hand, with huge rewards resulting for the successful providers. This space bears watching, as the great hand-held gold rush continues.

Did you know that eApps provides an Enterprise grade Email and Collaboration service for SmartPhone users? Our Zimbra based Enterprise Email service fully supports Android, iPhone and Microsoft  Windows Phone technologies, The advanced Zimbra server, by VMware, offers the full range of Email, calendar, contacts, file sharing, and collaboration tools required by knowledge workers.

For more information about the eApps Enterprise Email service, or to arrange for a free trial, please contact

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