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eApps December 2012 Newsletter


Dec 2012



One Thing, Two Thing, Red Thing, Blue Thing – 3D Printing Comes of Age

Oh, the thinks you can think! Dr. Suess would be impressed with the things people think of for the rapidly growing 3-D printing industry. The 3-D design website Thingiverse claims to have a universe of over 25,000 things that can be downloaded and printed on a 3-D printer. The variety of the items reflects the imagination of thousands of designers, ranging from iPhone cases to ping pong ball launchers.

Two factors are driving the success of Thingiverse. First, a thriving community is actively engaged in designing things under an open source licensing concept. Second, the cost of powerful 3-D printers is now affordable, costing about $2,200 for the Makerbot Replicator 2 model.

In his article “Infinite Factory” in the December 10, Forbes magazine issue author Andy Greenberg reports that sales for the 3-D printer industry are growing at about 100% per year. Greenberg explains that growth is driving costs of equipment down and the number of downloadable designs up. The number of useful and practical designs is steadily increasing, attracting a lot of attention. Makerbot, the printer manufacturer that is associated with Thingiverse has received $10 million in venture funding and is aggressively pursuing the market.

The 3-D printing industry has an “any thing goes” culture, resulting in intellectual property rights issues. Moral and ethical issues have also surfaced. For example, there are designs for parts to convert rifles to semi-automatic weapons and a group is working on a complete set of parts to build a functional weapon.

Mr. Greenberg states that it is too early to establish hard and fast rules, and that makes for an industry that is worth watching!

Zimbra Email – Enterprise Solution for Mobile Teams

Our App Focus for December is Zimbra Enterprise Email.

Information sharing, communications, and decision making are increasingly performed in the palm of the hand using a Smart Phone. There is an App for everything but the common, and critical, communications and productivity functions for all Smart Phone users are email, contacts, calendars, tasks, and documents. The eApps Enterprise Email service, featuring Zimbra, offers powerful, real-time support for these key functions.

The eApps Enterprise Email and Collaboration service provides:

* Sharing – The Zimbra server is designed for collaboration, with full support for sharing of contacts, calendars, tasks and documents

* Real-Time Data – push synchronization keeps your mobile work force up to date within minutes of any changes or activity

* Security – Encryption for all communications and data sharing within your domain is easily enabled

* Native Smart Phone Integration – Zimbra is easily configured on the Smart Phone using the built in setup features used to setup Microsoft Exchange users

* Easy Administration – The administration of the Zimbra Enterprise environment is simpler and significantly less time consuming than Microsoft Exchange

Visit our Web Site for more info.

For information about how the eApps Zimbra Enterprise Email service can fit your needs, please contact .

Meet eApps: Chris Marian Radu

Chris is a member of our Technical Support Department. He was born in Cluj-Napoca, the capital of the historic region of Transylvania, also known as “Treasure City” during the 14th and 15th centuries.

He attended the IT College of Babes Bolyai University, where he studied basic to advanced IT technologies. His first exposure to Linux was through a college course. He loved the operating system and the door it opened to the Internet. Using the knowledge gained, he started his own business providing internet services to an entire neighborhood.

During 2009, he joined a UK company which specialized in providing hosting services, giving him the opportunity to further develop his Linux skills.

After college, he also expanded his non technical skills, by training to be a chiropractor and currently spends some of his free time practicing this holistic therapy. Chris is also fascinated by pyramids, and saw the pyramid in the eApps logo as being a good sign when he joined the company. He is currently building pyramids, in the form of orgonites, and has future plans to visit the Great Pyramids of Egypt.

Although he joined eApps a short while ago, Chris feels that he found the company that he was looking for. He enjoys working with the latest technologies and having great colleagues. For Chris, eApps feels like his new home.

His family is a big supporter of all of his choices and although he does not have any children yet, he hopes for a bigger family in the future. Chris takes great pride in achieving a good balance between his professional and personal life and tries to never neglect either part.

Say hello to Chris when you get a chance!

Let us know how we are doing!

We learn from our customers every day. We welcome your feedback!!! Send us an Email!

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One Thing, Two Thing – 3-D Printing Comes of Age

Zimbra Email – Enterprise Solution for Mobile Teams

Meet eApps: Chris Radu

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Tech Tip – Sharing Calendars in Zimbra



Free Trial Zimbra Enterprise Email

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Sharing Zimbra Calendars

One of the most powerful features of Zimbra is Calendar Sharing. You can share any of your calendars to internal users, specific external guests, or the general public.

From the calendar view in the Zimbra Desktop client, or from the Zimbra Web client, put your mouse cursor over the calendar you want to share and then Right Click. A pop-up will offer the Share option; click it. If you choose to share with an internal user, you can specify the role they have (Viewer, Manager, Administrator). For example, if you wanted your associate to be able to manage your calendar you would assign them the Manager role.You can also allow internal users to be able to view your private appointments.

You can share calendars with External Guests (send a password) or the Public (no password). Sharing priviledges can be revoked with the Edit function on the Calendar pop up.

Sharing calendars is easy with Zimbra. If you are an Enterprise Email customer, and need assistance sharing your calendars, please visit our Zimbra User Guide or contact

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