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eApps Achieves US-EU Privacy Shield Certification

eApps Achieves US-EU Privacy Shield Certification


December 06, 2016


eApps is now certified under the U.S. Department of Commerce Privacy Shield for EU Citizens program. This certifies that eApps adheres to the principles and processes agreed upon by the USA and European Union regarding the handling of personal data of EU citizens by US companies. eApps strongly believes in the privacy and protection of all data placed on our systems by customers, wherever they are, and is pleased to receive this certification.

By way of background, On October 24, 2015 the European Court of Justice overturned the US – EU Safe Harbor Program, which was in force at the time. eApps was certified under this program. In February of 2016, the Privacy Shield for EU Citizens program was launched to replace Safe Harbor. The new program requires US companies to accept stronger obligations to protect the personal data of EU citizens, including data passed on to third parties, and ensures a more rigorous resolution process in the event of a dispute.

eApps’ privacy policy statement can be found at The statement explains eApps’ certification under the Privacy Shield program, and provides links to the relevant documents and services for the program. Please note that the US – Swiss Safe Harbor program is still in force, and eApps is certified under this program as well.



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