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eApps January 2015 Newsletter


Content Delivery Network (CDN) – eApps launches CDN
SSL – Improved Trust, Security and SEO Ranking
New & Updated Apps
Latest Promotions – Free CDN Trial and 50% OFF SSLs
Tech Tip – How to Check Your SSL Configuration

eApps October 2014 Newsletter


Control Panels – eApps offers 3 Leading Panels
ISPmanager 5 – New & Improved Control Panel!
Plesk 12 – Major Upgrade for this Popular Control Panel
cPanel/WHM – Latest News
New & Updated Apps
Developers Wanted! – for our Developer Partner Program
Latest Promotion – 50% OFF for First Three Months!
Our Techs Have Your Back! – Update on the ShellShock bug

September 2014 Newsletter

WildFly – Best-in-Class Java App Server, formerly JBoss
Updated Apps! – New versions of supported Apps
Staging Server – Best Practice for managing changes
New TLDs – Update on the new domain name extensions
Developers Wanted! – for our Developer Partner Program
Latest Promotions – One month FREE WildFly Server or Staging Server
Tech Tip – Load Testing

August 2014 Newsletter

Enterprise Email Service – featuring Zimbra Collaboration by Zimbra
Updated Apps! – New versions of supported apps
Personal Digital IDs – for Digital Identity
Code Signing Certificates – for digital software security
Promotions – 10% OFF Personal Digital IDs & Code Signing Certificates
Tech Tip – Secure your Emails

December 2013 Newsletter


Enterprise Backup Service – featuring Server Backup Manager by Idera
Updated Apps! – New versions of popular apps
Meet eApps – Alex Oancea
New TLDs!!! – Fourteen new TLDs are now available!
Promotions! – FREE SSL Certificate with VM purchase, 50% OFF EV SSL Certificate
Tech Tip – Secure Email using S/MIME

August 2013 Newsletter


PCI Compliance Service – by ControlScan
Credit Card Theft Indictments – Largest Cyber Crime Case in US History
Customer Q & A –
Promotions! – 50% OFF .co, .me, .mobi domains, 40% OFF Security Analysis & Hardening!
Tech Tip – Mitigate SSL BEAST Attacks

June 2013 Newsletter


Privacy – “1984” What took you so long?
It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere – Brief History of the Piña Colada
Meet eApps – Claudia Apostoaei
Promotions – 50% OFF VM for 3 Months! FREE VPN Review
Tech Tip – A Primer on Preventing and Detecting Hacks

April 2013 Newsletter

WiFi Hotpsot or Hackspot? – Secure mobile computing

Bitcoin – New Money or Big Gamble?

Q&A – eApps customer Level One Sites, provider of solutions for CrossFit franchise owners

New Promos – Brought to you by APPY – our mascot!
*** 50% OFF GlobalSign Domain and Wildcard SSL Certs ***
*** Free setup for VPN service ***

Tech Tip – Using a VPN to Secure your Development Servers

eApps December 2012 Newsletter

eApps December 2012 Newsletter! In This Issue:

One Thing, Two Thing – 3-D Printing Comes of Age
Zimbra Email – Enterprise Solution for Mobile Teams
Meet eApps: Chris Radu
New Promos Brought to you by APPY – our mascot!
Tech Tip – Sharing Calendars in Zimbra



Sales – Six Tips to Drive Sales for Your Business!
App Focus – Vyatta Network OS (support for VPN)
Case Study: Advanced Sports Logic, Inc.
New Promos Brought to you by APPY – our mascot!
Tech Tip – Resource Usage Alerts

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