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Tech Tip – MySQL/MariaDB Optimisation & Tuning

Nearly all web sites and web applications, including popular CMS applications, use databases. MySQL, and increasingly MariaDB (the drop in replacement for MySQL on Linux), are among the most popular database services our customers use. As databases grow in size, more computer resources are required to perform database queries. The speed of database queries plays […]

Primer – Preventing and Detecting Hacks

Preventing Hacks – tips on configuring your web server for maximum security and using additional software based security techniques.

Detecting Hacks – info on what to look for to determine if you have been hacked

eApps Customers say the nicest things!

eApps Hosting is blessed with active and loyal customers. The eApps staff really appreciates it when they get positive feedback from customers. But hey, everyone is busy and its often hard to find time to shout out to someone. So our marketing department is showing our appreciation by giving any customer that says something nice […]

Message to eApps Customers regarding recently crashed server

Dear Valued Customer, Recently we had an extended outage for the customers on one of our servers. Now that the crisis has passed and we have had time to analyze the root cause of this incident I would like to provide this report. On February 17th our monitoring system alerted us that a server running […]

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