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Q&A with is an online photography and video equipment rental company. They ship all over the United States using UPS and FedEx. Their business model is kind of like a Netflix for camera equipment, except that there are no subscription fees. The company (….)

Q&A with Level One Sites

Level One Sites (LOS) is a rapidly growing customer of eApps Hosting. LOS provides software solutions for Reebok/CrossFit franchise owners. eApps assists LOS with new site deployments using a pre-built OS template containing the base software. This approach saves time and ensures consistency of deployments for each new LOS customer.

Advanced Sports Logic relies on High Availability Hosting

Case Study: Advanced Sports Logic, Inc. relies on High Availability Hosting by eApps

Advanced Sports Logic, Inc. has been a customer of the eApps Virtual Machine in the Cloud service since June, 2011. This rapidly growing web-based company runs their industry-leading Fantasy Football applications in a High Availability configuration on the eApps service. The application uses redundant load balancers with a cluster of application servers and redundant database servers. Two physical Cloud zones are spanned by the application to ensure the highest possible up time.

The following interview was conducted with Leonard LaPadula, President of Advanced Sports Logic, Inc. –

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