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Ok, I just have to take a moment to say that I have once again been highly impressed with the rapid analysis (…)

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Advanced Monitoring is a new service from eApps designed to check any port/service or URL of any of your servers. Monitors are only $1 per month per monitor, with discounts for longer terms. When combined with our free, included Resource Monitoring, eApps customers now have comprehensive monitoring of the health and availability of their hosted (…)

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In this issue:

■ Comparison – Virtual Cloud Server and Platform as a Service (PaaS)
■ SSL Rating Optimzation Service
■ Interview of eApps President by HostingReviewBox
■ New & Updated – WildFly 10, Increase in Zimbra eMail storage allowance
■ Promotion – BIG discounts on popular TLDs: .STORE | .ME | .CO
■ Tech Tip – How to Improve Security of your WordPress | iThemes Security

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Are you looking to expand your online presence? We have the perfect solution for you. Build your online identity with these meaningful and easy to recognize TLDs:

.STORE – regularly $53.00 NOW $25 USD per Year. Coupon Code: STOREPROMO
.ME – regularly $24.95 NOW $14.95 USD per Year. Coupon Code: MEPROMO
.CO – regularly $31.00 NOW $21.00 USD per Year. Coupon Code: COPROMO

To register a new .CO, .ME or . STORE domain follow these (…)

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Our Security Optimization for Apache Web Server service is designed to maximize your SSL score, as reported by Qualys ® SSL Labs. Our technicians will do the following:
➜ Limit SSL/TLS protocols to the latest, safest versions
➜ Remove older Ciphers considered to be (…)

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iThemes Security – FREE WordPress Security Plug-in   We have written about this before, but it bears repeating – again, and again, and again. WordPress is the most widely used tool for web sites with about 75 million installations, accounting for almost 19% of all web sites. Due to this sheer volume of sites, and […]

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We are sometimes asked about the differences between our Virtual Cloud Server (VCS) and our Platform as a Service (PaaS) platforms. Here are some key similarities, and (…)

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HostingReviewBox has recently made an extensive interview with Richard Lingsch, CEO of eApps, on the company’s history, upcoming goals and current (…)

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Tomcat 7.0.68, Tomcat 8.0.32 & Java SE 8 were recently made available to customers using eApps Virtual Cloud Servers with CentOS 7 (ISPmanager) or CentOS 6 (ISPmanager). For assistance and questions contact (…)

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■ PHP 7 is Available for Cloud Servers and PaaS!
■ eApps Launches POP/IMAP Email Service
■ New & Updated – Liferay Portal, WF, GF, TC, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL
■ Promotion – 50% off Cloud Server for 3 Months
■ Tech Tip – Tune your MySQL/MariaDB database

For questions and assistance, contact |

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