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Code Signing Certificates Now Available

Code Signing Certificates are used to digitally sign software and applications that are distributed electronically. Signed code gives (…)

PersonalSign Digital IDs Now Available

Assurance of identity and encryption of information are two important needs when using the Internet. Personal Digital IDs, also called Personal Certificates, accomplish both goals. A Digital ID binds one’s identity (…)

New, Improved Create-a-Cloud®

We recently launched an updated version of our Create-a-Cloud® tool and related server management functions in the Customer Portal. In the Create-a-Cloud® tool (…)

Secure Email using S/MIME

eApps Enterprise Email service users can protect the privacy of their email messages using Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (S/MIME). S/MIME is a standards-based method of public/private key encryption. It is commonly used for (…)

New TLDs Available in Sunrise

As of today, fourteen new TLDs are live in Sunrise stage — you can now place pre-orders! To place a pre-order, login to your Portal at and click (…)

eApps Enterprise Backup Service

eApps Hosting is pleased to offer Enterprise Backup Service, a commercial grade backup solution for servers hosted in the eApps Cloud. The service is powered by Server Backup Manager, advanced software for backup administration (…)

New OS Templates Now Available!

We have updated our list of OS Templates! You can now choose templates for standalone MySQL and PostgreSQL implementations, updated Ubuntu and (…..)

Basic Backup Service vs. Enterprise Backup Service

There are a number of ways to backup your important data and files contained in your Virtual Machine in the Cloud. The ISPmanager, Plesk and cPanel/WHM control panels have backup features (…..)

Get Ready for New TLDs with Watchlist!

The new TLDs introduce innovation through simplified and descriptive extensions for your domain names.

New TLDs will be the space for emerging companies across all fields. From a category viewpoint, some popular TLDs have been identified in the areas of (…..)

Mitigate the Risk of an SSL BEAST Attack

This tech tip discusses SSL BEAST attacks and how to mitigate them. Anyone that uses SSL on their web site has possible exposure to BEAST attacks. eCommerce businesses must be free of the BEAST vulnerability to gain PCI Compliance.

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